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Rahul Saini asked: What is the probability of China attacking India in near future?

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  • R. N. Das replies: The question is asked at a time when the both India and China are actively engaging and there is a political understanding between the two Prime Ministers to resolve all the difficult issues including the border dispute which continues to be the constant source irritation between the two countries. Going to war is not an easy option when even the big powers, nay, the one and only super power is trapped in a quagmire in Afghanistan and is desperately trying to wriggle out. In todays globalised world, China and India are mutually interdependent. It would be imprudent on part of China to think of a war against India.. Having said this I must hasten to add that there should not be any complacency about our defence preparedness to face any kind of challenge. War can take different form in modern times besides conventional and nuclear war, there can be cyber-war, and economic war also. India needs to be prepared in all these fronts to face with any kind of eventuality. Despite the prevailing threat perceptions emanating from China, the two states are closely working on confidence-building measures, and there is increasing political engagement at the highest level.