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Sanket Telang asked: Shouldn't India send Troops to Afghanistan as it is strategically most important country to India? Won't it Increase our Leverage?

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  • Vishal Chandra replies: No. India has a very clear and a well-stated position on this issue. Time and again, relevant Indian authorities have made it amply clear that India does not have any intention or plans to deploy troops in Afghanistan. It is to be understood that deployment of troops in a neighbouring country has its own dynamics and is not without local and regional repercussions. Presence of Indian troops on Afghan soil would be a rallying point for forces inimical to the Indian presence in Afghanistan, especially for the Pakistan-based and backed militant Islamist groups. Moreover, India’s assistance to Afghanistan is fully in accordance with the will and wishes of the people of that country. India’s contribution to capacity building and human resource development is very much appreciated by the Afghan people. As a friendly neighbouring country, India is expected to take a long-term view of its relationship with the Afghan people.