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Akash asked: How has Chinese military strategy undergone change in last five years due to modernisation?

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  • R. V. Phadke replies: Chinese military modernisation has helped the PLA change its war fighting doctrine in substantive terms. Gone are the days when the PLA followed the ‘People’s War Doctrine’ that was essentially defensive and allowed the enemy to come in deep before a counter attack was launched. Post 1991 Gulf War the PLA realised that modern weapons would not permit the PLA the luxury to absorb the first attack as its forces could well be decimated. With modern aircraft, ships, and Rapid Reaction Forces (RRF) or ‘Fist’ Units, the PLA would in all probability begin the so called ‘informationised’ war with a pre-emptive strike when an attack appears imminent. It would also use cyber and psychological warfare and space based assets for reconnaissance, surveillance and possibly offensive operations.