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Akash asked: How does changing chinese miliary strategy affect India?

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  • Ramesh V Phadke replies: China’s military strategy is part of its overall political design to build its ‘Comprehensive National Power’ (CNP) to ultimately challenge US supremacy in the region and later the world. Its application is, however, very subtle and carefully calibrated. China ’s claims to Arunachal Pradesh and Aksai Chin in India, and Taiwan, Paracels and Spratleys Islands in South China Sea are part of its ‘National Reunification’ strategy. By selectively befriending smaller countries through generous injections of economic and military assistance and in the case of Pakistan and Iran nuclear and missile know-how it is determined to build a bulwark of anti-American powers in the region and is also ensuring that no middle rung power like India is allowed to become powerful enough to challenge Chinese hegemony in the region.