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Vivek asked: Cannot the humble radio (MW/SW) be used to counter the "indoctrination" machinery of Naxal-leadership?

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  • P. V. Ramana replies: Certainly, radio and other media could be used to effectively counter Naxal propaganda. As part of its plan to deal with the Naxalites, the government has in place a practice known as Public Perception Management. The technique involves “taking up a publicity drive to expose unlawful activities and misdeeds of naxal outfits and their leaders, futility of violence caused by naxalite cadres, absence of development activities in the affected areas due to fear and extortion of naxal cadres, etc.” This has to be done subtly and in a concerted way. The media, including radio, has so far not been fully exploited by the government in countering Naxal propaganda.