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    • To maintain our cultural heritage, it is vital that the state encourages the study of Sanskrit and impart vigour to reworking Sanskrit texts like that of the Arthsastra of Chanakya.

      June 07, 2012
      IDSA Comments
    • The current growth trajectory is leading to serious environmental and cultural degradation—an issue that needs to be placed on priority and a holistic environmental impact assessment needs to be made public.

      May 22, 2012
      IDSA Comments
    • In the wake of the Gyari incident, India and Pakistan need to conduct more joint scientific studies and put in place an AGPL agreement within a reasonable time frame.

      April 25, 2012
      IDSA Comments
    • While international negotiations are important in dealing with climate change, nothing worthwhile can be achieved without public participation and concerted local action.

      April 20, 2012
      IDSA Comments
    • War is a too serious a business to be left to NCOs and Generals must be involved both at the strategic and tactical levels to ensure the moral and disciplined manifestation of a professional military.

      March 15, 2012
      IDSA Comments
    • In recent years, the intensity of the occurrence of natural disasters has increased manifold. Responding to this, the Government of India has undertaken various measures to mitigate the impact of disasters. Even so, the response of the civil authorities is often found inadequate and the armed forces are called out to assist the civil administration. The armed forces never fail to respond in a prompt manner, but without proper data on various local resources, skills, essential services and equipment.

      Journal of Defence Studies
    • It is now commonly accepted that small island countries are facing an existential threat because of global warming and the consequent rise in the level of the oceans.

      Strategic Analysis
    • Chairperson: Dr S Kalyanaraman
      Discussants: Professor Srinath Raghavan, Sq Ldr RTS Chhina and Wg Cdr Gregory Hammond, RAF

      December 02, 2011
    • The paper makes a case for the need for a renaissance of military history, and modern war studies in India. There is a wide gap in knowledge base of contemporary military history and war studies in India compared to advances made at global level.

      IDSA Occasional Papers
    • China is pursuing an energy policy to alleviate its import dependence, diversify the sources and routes of imported oil and prepare for supply disruption. China's import of hydrocarbons is growing rapidly. Besides sea transport from West Asia and other oil rich countries of both crude and liquefied natural gas, China has also identified diverse import routes for oil and gas by overland pipelines. Some projects are now complete and many are under construction or in the planning stage.

      Strategic Analysis