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Zhang Guihong

Zhang Guihong is Associate Professor and Deputy Director at the Institute of International Studies, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, P.R.C. He specialises on US security strategy towards Asia-Pacific, especially the South Asia region.

China's UN Diplomacy: 1971–2011

November 2011

UN diplomacy is an important part of China's overall foreign policy and the main manifestation of China's multilateral diplomacy. As a permanent member of UN Security Council, China plays a vital role in the fields of security, development and human rights. China's position on UN reform reflects the interests and desires of the majority of developing countries. China's UN diplomacy is distinctive but faces many challenges.

US Security Policy towards South Asia after September 11 and its Implications for China: A Chinese Perspective

April 2003

American security policy towards South Asia can basically be divided into three stages: balance of power in the Cold War era, beyond balance of power after the end of Cold War, and new balance of power after September 11.