China-India Relations

China’s ‘Three Warfares’ and India

October 2013

For the past decade, China is known to have actively used ‘three warfares’ (3Ws) strategy—media, psychological and legal warfare—to weaken its adversaries in regions constituting what it perceives to

BRICS and the China-India Construct: A New World Order In Making?

The monograph portrays to understand and contribute to the strategic analyses of foreign, security and economic policy issues that are attached to the rise of BRICS. This is not only a study about BRICS per se; but is also about China and India, the two most vital powers of this grouping. This study has been written in Indian context, and has tried to delve into the China-India course within BRICS.

Time to Take Up Demarcation of the India-China Border

June 11, 2012

This is an appropriate time for a bi-partisan group to be established to bring out the facts related to the northern borders, and suggest the contours of a deal with China.

China ups the ante in Arunachal Pradesh

January 17, 2012

China’s refusal of visa to an IAF officer from Arunachal Pradesh, while aimed at scoring a political point, creates obstacles towards the very confidence-building that China hopes to see in the eastern sector.

India-China Special Representatives Talks: Focus on Trust Building

January 16, 2012

Although not much is expected from this round of border talks, some incremental forward movement cannot be ruled out in terms of creating additional institutional mechanisms to deal with frequent border transgressions from the Chinese side.

‘Social Capital’ and its Significance in Reimagining Chindia

January 2012

Writings on India–China relations in recent years are increasingly seen to be imputing Machiavellian realism to the political and, increasingly, economic sphere of interaction.

Sino-Indian relations 2011: A Mixed Bag of Highs and Lows

December 30, 2011

The year gone by witnessed India’s firm responses to bilateral issues and China’s appreciation of the Indian position, thus providing a positive momentum to India-China relations.

India’s Defence Preparedness to Face Chinese Challenges

July 2011

It will not be an exaggeration to say that China poses the major challenge to India’s foreign policy and defence policy – which does not necessarily mean that a potential threat from China is immine

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