Middle East

Sectarian Strife Looms In The Middle-East

February 11, 2012

By bringing the Syrian question to the UN Security Council on the basis of proposals formulated by the Arab League, led principally by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the western powers ran the risk of not only facing a combined Russia-China veto but of inflaming sectarian opinion.

The US Pivots to the East: Implications for India

January 16, 2012

While India’s policy elite have surely not been ‘oblivious’ of the tectonic changes occurring in the region, they have been rather ‘impervious’ to the rapidly emerging equations.

Uprisings in the Arab World: Options for GOI

March 30, 2011

While erstwhile authoritarianism and absolutist rule may no longer be possible, it would be naïve to expect that the Middle East will undergo a metamorphosis.

China’s Worried Response to the Uprisings in the Middle East

February 25, 2011

The success of popular movements in the Middle East has raised the apprehensions of the Chinese Communist Party, which has been reminded of its own weakness.

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