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Japan Continues to Battle Fukushima Nuclear Crisis

April 18, 2011

After the threat level for the Fukushima plant was raised from 5 to 7, Japan’s claims about the situation getting stabilised are being received with a degree of scepticism.

India's Response to the Libyan Crisis

April 13, 2011

Since there was no clarity about the end goals of this operation, it would have been difficult for the Indian government to communicate and justify its support for this resolution to its domestic constituency.

Nexus of Drug Trafficking and Militancy Exposed at New Delhi

April 13, 2011

Drug trafficking has become a major source of funding for armed groups in the north east and contributes to the continuance of militancy in the region.

Militarism and the Future of Democracy in Manipur: Impressions from the Field

April 11, 2011

India’s two core national security objectives of territorial integrity and sovereignty can be better achieved through individual progress and overall societal happiness especially of its ethnic minorities.

China Entices Myanmar as India Struggles to ‘Look East’

April 11, 2011

India must revitalise, implement and act on infrastructure and economic development projects in the North East to build its relationship and harness the energy potential in Myanmar.

Why India should retain its No-First-Use policy?

April 11, 2011

Since there is no evidence to suggest that the expansion of Pakistan’s nuclear stockpile has degraded India’s retaliatory capability, India should retain its no-first-use doctrine.

Strategic Intelligence and National Security: The Role of Think Tanks

April 08, 2011

Strategic Intelligence depends primarily on open source information and provides a broad net assessed picture of the security environment.

Dynamics of Expanding the SCO

April 04, 2011

Given the uncertainties and lack of consensus among SCO members, India must proceed cautiously on the issue seeking full membership.

White Paper on China’s National Defence 2010

April 01, 2011

“China’s National Defense in 2010” reviews the success of the PLA modernization and informationization process while subtly indicating a shift in assessments about the international system and China’s place in it.

Protests in the Arab World: Implications for the Region and India

March 31, 2011

The ongoing protests against undemocratic regimes in West Asia and North Africa have sent shockwaves throughout the region. This Brief analyses the protests in the Arab world and their implications for the region and India.