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Reading the Veto on Syria

October 21, 2011

The rare October 4 double veto by Russia and China on the draft resolution against Syria sponsored by France, Germany, Portugal, and UK condemning Syrian action on its civilian population has come to bolster the divide within the Security Council. Russia and China hinted that they may bring their own draft resolution but, at the moment, there is no sign of reconciliation or unanimity among the P5.

A National Security Strategy Document for India

October 20, 2011

A National Security Strategy document should be realistic and balanced. While recognizing the challenges, it should also underline the opportunities. For, a successful national security strategy can give a fillip to our national consciousness, economy and socio-economic development, thus creating a calmer environment conducive for national development.

The Palestinian Quest for Statehood at the United Nations: International Reactions and India's Position

October 20, 2011

President Abbas' request for full UN membership for a Palestinian State may have created new opportunities for India in West Asia. New Delhi today is relatively well-positioned to contribute to the ongoing efforts for the resumption of Israeli - Palestinian talks in the coming weeks.

China and the South China Sea Dispute: Internal Differences and External Ramifications

October 19, 2011

The publication in the Global Times of two very contradictory articles on the same day on the South China Sea dispute clearly underlines the fact that the Chinese leadership is divided.

Yemen’s Turbulent Spring: Imminent Change amidst Continuing Conflict

October 18, 2011

Yemen is stuck in a paradoxical and ambiguous situation. While it is widely believed that regime change is necessary, in the absence of reliable alternate leadership, the risk of chaos and instability looms large.

The India-Afghanistan Strategic Partnership Through the Eyes of the Pakistani Urdu Media

October 17, 2011

In the wake of its strategic partnership agreement with India, Afghanistan has become an untouchable, even an ‘enemy’, for many Pakistani commentators.

The South China Sea Disputes: Why Conflict is not Inevitable?

October 17, 2011

No party to the dispute, including China, has thus far challenged the principle of freedom of navigation for global trade through the South China Sea.


November 17, 2011

The Dialogue was featured in prime time on the Chinese State-run TV channel, with the comment of the Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao that it had achieved “positive results”.

The South China Sea Imbroglio

October 14, 2011

Competing claims and reports of oil and gas rich fields in the South China Sea have woven a complicated web affecting the maritime security environment.

The PSLV-C18 Mission and Indo-French Collaboration in Space

October 14, 2011

India and France must now develop a joint marketing strategy for satellite launches and also concentrate on the joint design and development of satellites for smaller developing countries.