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NATO and Russia: Move towards Cooperation or Deployments

January 13, 2011

After Lisbon, the next step for NATO and Russia should be addressing issues relating to deployments of arsenals and arms control.

Referendum in Sudan: India’s Predicament

January 11, 2011

Given the strategic importance of Sudan, it will be in India’s interest to push for a fair and just referendum and influence both the North and the South to respect the outcome of the vote.

Nepal 2010: Uncertainties Galore

January 10, 2011

The peace process was deadlocked, with extreme polarization within and among the political parties on various issues.

Talks with the ULFA: Beyond Rhetoric to Substance

January 10, 2011

It is vital that the framework of the talks be informed by the element of inclusiveness based on a ‘problem solving’ approach.

Wen Jiabao’s India visit: A Strategic Review

January 07, 2011

The success of the visit was limited to strengthening links of economic diplomacy between the two Asian giants, ignoring the geo-political and strategic issues that act as de-stabilisers in Sino-Indian relations.

Need for a composite back channel with Pakistan army

January 07, 2011

The absence of a credible interlocutor in Pakistan who can exercise effective control over the Pakistan army leaves India with little choice except to open a parallel dialogue with the military establishment in Pakistan.

The New START, its positives, and the imponderables

January 07, 2011

The durability of the New START will depend largely on how both sides value it as a means towards disarmament rather than for strategic competition.

China’s ‘all-weather friendship’ with Pakistan: Implications for India

January 04, 2011

If the achievements of Premier Wen’s visit to India were more pronounced in terms of economic content, his visit to Pakistan was more characterised by political and strategic significance.

South Korea’s show of force and designation of the North as ‘Enemy’

January 04, 2011

Soon after naming the North Korean regime as its “enemy”, South Korea has, quite abruptly, invoked the desirability of reverting to the Six-Party Talks.

Defence against Terrorist Attacks: Game Theory can Help

January 03, 2011

By postulating that the players think ahead not just to their immediate consequences, but also to the others, game theory can provide a framework to think about defending against terrorist attacks.