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How to look at President Hu Jintao’s US Visit: Détente or Stalemate?

January 27, 2011

Primarily because of the uncertainties surrounding US-China relations, the Hu-Obama summit ended in a stalemate with both leaders agreeing to disagree on important matters.

A Critical Review of Defence Procurement Procedure 2011

January 25, 2011

In the absence of reforms in several areas, DPP-2011 may not be able to achieve its stated objectives of expeditious procurement and greater involvement of domestic industry in defence production.

Forging India’s Hard Power in the New Century

January 24, 2011

The changing security environment calls for re-fashioning the use of hard power, which may have to be managed differently in the future.

Time for India to Export Nuclear Power Reactors and Peaceful Nuclear Technologies

January 20, 2011

Like in the space arena, India has the capability to offer its expertise to other countries in the field of nuclear power and non-nuclear applications.

Indonesia in India’s Look East Policy

January 20, 2011

Political, economic and strategic factors in the post-Cold War period call for expanded co-operation between India and Indonesia.

Mosaics of Cultures: Investigating the Role of Cultural Linkages in India-Indonesia Relations

January 19, 2011

The cultural linkages between India and Indonesia have to be leveraged, as a foreign policy tool, to take India-Indonesia relations to the next level.

The Gates Mission: Re-contextualising US alliances in East Asia

January 18, 2011

Gates has steered Japan and South Korea towards aligning their shared threat perceptions about North Korea and China.

Blasphemy Law and the Marginalisation of Pakistan’s Moderate Muslims

January 17, 2011

By concentrating only on the inequities of the blasphemy law, Pakistani ‘moderates’ and commentators elsewhere are missing the point that the real battle is against radical Islamic thought.

Army ‘Transformation’: A ‘Radical’ One?

January 17, 2011

A shift in strategic thinking over the past two decades has now led to India being poised between the strategic doctrines of offensive and defensive realism.

Inter-Korea Dialogue versus Japan-South Korea Military Engagement

January 14, 2011

North Korea’s offer of a dialogue is unlikely to elicit a positive response from South Korea which instead is militarily drawing closer to Japan to enhance deterrence.