The Lightning from Greece Strikes Germany

January 30, 2015

If Greece defaults and walks out, the EU will be in crisis. Speculators will go for Spain and the EU will not be able to find the money to bail out a large economy such as that of Spain.

Sheikh Hasina’s Secular Political Approach

January 23, 2015

Sheikh Hasina has to ensure that the writ of the Awami League central leadership runs throughout the country, and elements like the Chhatra League are not allowed to derail accommodative and secular policies.

Islamic State and Social Media: Ethical Challenges and Power Relations

Tuva Julie Engebrethsen Smith

January 23, 2015

The IS frequently releases graphic videos of, for instance, beheadings, on social media. Once these videos surface, an ethical debate arises about the sharing of violent imagery and how these social platforms should deal with the situation.

Rejig of Defence Budget 2014-15?

January 23, 2015

If reports about the diversion of INR 13,000 crore from the capital segment of the defence budget to the revenue heads are true, it is an indication of the growing strain on the revenue budget.

Reappraising Relations with China: From Strategic Ambiguity to Recognising Mutual Interests

January 22, 2015

It is time to see the relations between the re-emerging Asian giants less in terms of balance of power in Asia and more in terms of recognising mutual interests in shaping the Asian Century.

State versus Nations in Pakistan: Sindhi, Baloch and Pakhtun Responses to Nation Building

January 21, 2015

The present monograph traces the origins of the Pakistani state and the processes that encouraged the state-sponsored efforts to build a Pakistani nation, and seeks to isolate various problems associated with such nation-building efforts.

The Chinese Dream 2015: Which Way Is It Heading?

January 17, 2015

Xi Jinping has already recognized the inevitable by stressing that China would adjust to the ‘new normal’ of lower growth and, to ensure stability, he has already cracked down on dissent and strengthened media control measures.

Military Courts in Pakistan: A Soft Coup by the Pakistan Army?

January 14, 2015

Why is the Pakistan military pushing for Military Courts when the country already has a fairly robust Anti Terrorism Act together with designated Anti Terrorism Courts set up specifically to try terrorism related offences?

A New Era in Sri Lanka’s Politics?

January 12, 2015

Sirisena will be expected to restore both the institutional checks and balances which saw an erosion as a result of the 18th Amendment to the constitution and the faith of minorities in the pluralistic character of Sri Lankan society.

A Season of Political Protests in Bangladesh

January 12, 2015

It is not clear what kind of democracy the BNP wants to restore in alliance with the Jamaat which does not believe in democracy. But the AL needs to proceed with caution in dealing with the ongoing protests lest it comes to be seen as an autocratic government.

Did the Chinese Model of Growth Defeat Rajapaksa?

January 12, 2015

During the Rajapaksa years, Sri Lanka experienced jobless growth, similar to the experience of many African countries where Chinese investment had increased exponentially in the last decade.

Meeting the Maoist Challenge

Gurmeet Kanwal and Bibhu Prasad Routray

January 08, 2015

In the wake of the Sukma attack, it is apparent that the CPI-Maoist's weather- and surrender-induced operational frailty is a matter of the past.

Strategic Analysis: January 2015

The issue contains important contributions that critically examine the concept of global governance; the ASEAN and the South China Sea debate; the ambiguities in India's foreign policy doctrine; and the conditions that led to the rise of the pro-democracy movement in the Arab world. The issue also comprises commentaries on the legal framework governing effective water management with a case study of water politics in Europe; cybersecurity and the impact of sectarian divisions in Pakistan. More [+]

NEWS DIGEST: Insight Southeast Asia

Insight Southeast Asia is the bimonthly newsletter of the Southeast Asia & Oceania Centre, IDSA. It comprises special sections such as Country Profile, Commentary, Book Review, Photo-Essay and News Track. News Track includes important and referenced news summary pertaining to the eleven Southeast Asian countries and Oceania (including New Zealand and Australia). More [+]

NEWS DIGEST: Pakistan News Digest

Pakistan News Digest is being brought out by the Pakistan Project team at IDSA. The digest seeks to keep its focus on all round strategic developments taking place in Pakistan on a monthly basis. It culls out information and analyses from the Pakistani media— both English and vernacular— and provides a ready reference material for the wider strategic community. More [+]

Journal of Defence Studies: January 2015

The issue features articles on jointness in the Indian Armed Forces, the impact of climate change on maritime security in the Indian Ocean Region, and the geopolitics of cyber espionage. It also includes an analysis of the Standing Committee of Defence’s recommendations on the defence budget during the 15th Lok Sabha. Read the issue[+]

Securing India’s Borders—The Way Ahead

Fifth Y B Chavan Memorial Lecture by Dr Madhav Godbole, Former Home Secretary, Government of India More [+]

US-India Defence Relations and Areas for Cooperation, Including Defence Trade

Mr. Puneet Talwar, US Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Political-Military Affairs More [+]