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Recent ‘Chemical Incidents’ in France and Taiwan

June 30, 2015

While the attack on the chemical warehouse in France and the accident in the Taiwanese park are not cases of chemical terrorism in a classical sense, they can be analysed against the backdrop of a ‘chemical incident’.

Is it a Greek Tragedy or a European One?

June 29, 2015

Do the successors of Monnet have the moral strength to move in the right direction rather than act like petty minded accountants who want to balance the books at any cost?

A Tale of Two Disputes: China’s Irrationality and India’s Stakes

June 29, 2015

In China’s foreign policy setting, the logic of ‘sovereignty’ and ‘history’ are employed or applied selectively as is evident from its reservation on India’s oil exploration in the South China Sea and its own plans to implement the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor through Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir despite India’s reservations.

Why are Southeast Asians lured to fight for the Islamic State?

June 29, 2015

If the experience of the Afghan–trained mujahids is anything to go by, the threat posed by returnees from Syria and Iraq has the potential to be far more lethal especially since the numbers involved are much higher.

Indonesian Military’s Role Enlargement in Counter-Terrorism

June 24, 2015

While the Indonesian military played a crucial role in counter-terrorism since the late 1940s, the fall of Suharto in 1998 and democratisation led to the Police dominating this task, especially after the first Bali bombings in 2002. Lately, however, the Indonesian military has reclaimed part of this role, mainly due to the rising threat from the Islamic State.

21st Century Proliferation and Tracking: Tackling Arms Proliferation in the Modern Conflict Landscape

Sourabhi Mukherji

June 23, 2015

Time and again, civilian masses the world over have been at the receiving end of legions of conventional weapons systems leaving destructive direct and indirect consequences in their wake. The copious arms -and their ammunition- currently in circulation range from assault rifles, rocket launchers, anti-aircraft weapons to pistols, machine guns as well as missiles, grenades and other explosive ordnances.

Yemen’s Endless Agony

June 23, 2015

Iran has lent some support to the Houthis, but its support is not a decisive factor. The Saudis have for exaggerated Iran’s role and have in the process made it difficult for themselves to see the reality.

Adequate Empowerment of the Services and Financial Oversight Yet to be Achieved

June 23, 2015

Converting the Services` HQs as departments of the government within the scope of Allocation of Business Rules, with responsibility to Parliament for obtaining defence appropriations, may be in the long-term interests of the country.

BBIN-MVA: Pushing Regional Integration through Sub-regional Cooperation

June 19, 2015

The BBIN-MVA would enable seamless sub-regional connectivity, deeper integration on economic issues and people-to-people contact between the four counties.

John Kerry’s visit to Sochi: The new dynamics of Russia-U.S. engagement

June 11, 2015

The new contours of a Russia-U.S. engagement appear to be shaping up. There is a growing realization in the U.S. that treating Russia as an adversary can be counter-productive.

Notun Projonmo-Nayi Disha in India-Bangladesh Relations

June 11, 2015

While heralding a new era in building regional connectivity, the Modi government has taken what was a warm relationship with Bangladesh to a new high.

Ensuring Peace in the Northeast

June 11, 2015

The internal security situation in the North-eastern states is complex. It requires people with in-depth knowledge of the terrain, society, politics and culture and history of insurgency in the region to be placed in positions entrusted with the handling of affairs.

The Ambush in Manipur: New Dimensions to Militant Violence in the Northeast

June 11, 2015

Obtaining Myanmar’s help to counter covert Chinese connections with insurgent groups like the UWSA and by extension with anti-India militant groups such as the NSCN (K) is important for long term stability in the Northeast.

Ammunition for the Indian Army: C&AG Rings Alarm Bells

June 09, 2015

MoD will have to make sure that no weapon system is purchased unless an arrangement is made for sustained supply of ammunition, not necessarily through the OFB.

Controversy over Lipu-Lekh Pass: Is Nepal’s Stance Politically Motivated?

June 08, 2015

Nepal claims that the Lipu-Lekh Pass, which was mentioned in the India-China joint statement of May 15, 2015, is a disputed tri-junction in which Nepal has an equal share.

Africa Trends, Volume 4, Issue 1, January - March 2015

Africa Trends is the IDSA's quarterly newsletter on Africa. The newsletter aims to provide readers with reviews and analysis of significant and strategic developments taking place in African countries that impact regional and global security. The publication features commentary and analysis of contemporary developments, the Book Review section, and the News Track section that covers important events of the preceding three months. More details [+]

Insight Southeast Asia, Volume 4 Number 2, March-April 2015

Insight Southeast Asia is the bimonthly newsletter of the Southeast Asia & Oceania Centre, IDSA. It comprises special sections such as Country Profile, Commentary, Book Review, Photo-Essay and News Track. News Track includes important and referenced news summary pertaining to the eleven Southeast Asian countries and Oceania (including New Zealand and Australia). More details [+]

Uttam Sinha's co-edited volume on Arctic released by Ministry of Earth Sciences and Norwegian Embassy

The IDSA volume 'Arctic: Commerce, Governance, Policy' edited by Uttam Sinha and Jo Inge Bekkevold was released at an seminar co-hosted by the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India and the Royal Norwegian Embassy, New Delhi, on May 5, 2015. The volume is published by Routledge, UK. More details [+]

Realising the ASEAN-India Vision for Partnership and Prosperity

This volume is based on the proceedings of Delhi Dialogue VI held in March 2014. It epitomizes the growing dialogue between India and ASEAN at all levels. Delhi Dialogue brings together practitioners, corporate leaders, opinion makers, academics and journalists, every year, to discuss a wide range of issues of common interest and concern that animate India - ASEAN relationship . More details [+]

Journal of Defence Studies: April 2015

The issue covers varied themes: leadership attributes for counterinsurgency operations, strategic importance of the Bay of Bengal, the 1971 USS Enterprise incident, benchmarks for naval ship building, China’s biological warfare programme, and India’s Special Forces. It also features an assessment of the Parliamentary Defence Standing Committee. Read the issue[+]

Strategic Analysis: May 2015

The contributors to the current issue of Strategic Analysis provide an ‘Indian take’ on China’s political strategy on Taiwan; assess Xi Jinping’s idea of the ‘Chinese Dream’ –its position on the ground and how the country is faring under the new dispensation; a rain check on the vexed India-China boundary question, in the backdrop of a decisive political change in both countries. More [+]

Arctic: Commerce, Governance and Policy

In May 2013, China, India, Japan, Singapore and South Korea (Asia 5) were given status as permanent observers in the Arctic Council. It was a symbolic and significant moment in the history of Arctic affairs. The list of stakeholders in the Arctic has now expanded to include both the Arctic littoral states and the five Asian states. More details [+]

Delhi Dialogue VII on ASEAN-India: Shaping the Post-2015 Agenda
India and South Asia: Exploring Regional Perceptions

Perceptions play a very significant role in South Asian politics. They have largely shaped and influenced state policies and politics among the South Asian countries, especially in relation to India, over the years. State policies have at times been hostage to negative or adversarial perceptions, well-entrenched in the popular psyche. More details [+]

17th Asian Security Conference

The theme for this year’s conference is “Asian Security: Comprehending the Indian Approach”. The conference will be held from 11-13 February 2015 at IDSA.

Key Speeches, Press Release, Video, Photos Details [+]