18th Asian Security Conference

The Asian Security Conference (ASC) is a major calendar event of the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA), New Delhi. Since 1999, when the conference was first held, the ASC has emerged as an important platform for debating issues relating to Asian Security. For the last ten years, the ASC has been providing a forum for security analysts, practitioners and policy makers from around the world to share their views on the challenges facing the Asian continent. The eighteenth conference in this series is being held on the topic “Securing Cyberspace: Asian and International Perspectives”.

Cybersecurity is increasingly drawing attention from policy makers as the world becomes increasingly interlinked and dependent on digital pathways. Use of cyber space by governments, businesses and individuals has provided economic benefits and helped connect the world in beneficial ways. Simultaneously, however, there are attempts being made by state and non-state actors to deny its legitimate use by others. Use of cyber space for espionage, both commercial and security-related, are common. Its use by criminals and extremists is no less dangerous. Managing this nascent and rapidly developing threat has proved to be problematic given that it now touches almost every aspect of human existence, from communication to commerce. It equally impact on a variety of stakeholders, individuals, corporations and states, all with differing priorities and perspectives. The large number of users and actors involved, and their varying perceptions of the threats and responses to emanating from cyber space have led to conflicting voices on how best to mitigate and overcome them. More [+]

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