North America

The North American Centre is dedicated to study and research mainly the domestic and foreign policies of the United States. The Centre primarily focuses on studying and analysing the India-US Strategic Partnership and US foreign policy towards Asia. It also studies India-US bilateral economic relations. The Centre closely follows the developments in the United States and analyses its major implications for its domestic and foreign policy. Through its regular activities the Centre constantly engages in understanding the emerging trends in US’ domestic and foreign policies in contemporary times and its major implications for the world, with prime focus on India.

The broad focus areas of focus for study are:

  • India-United States Strategic Partnership
  • US Domestic Politics
  • India-United States Economic Ties
  • US foreign policy towards Asia (China, Korea, Japan etc.)
  • US foreign policy towards South Asia
  • Emerging trends in US domestic and foreign policies
  • Emerging opportunities and challenges for US foreign policy


Consulting Fellow Research Assistant Research Assistant

The Politics of the New Global Architecture: The United States and India

July 2012

The nature of international politics is changing with respect to two key developments: the relative decline of the United States and the gridlock in major global international institutions like the Un

Opening the NATO Supply Route: Does Pakistan have any Option?

June 6, 2012

Unless Pakistan opens the NATO supply route, it is very unlikely that the US will transfer any coalition support funds, thus creating serious trouble for the aid-dependent Pakistani economy.

US Strategic Thinking in an Era of Energy Self Sufficiency

May 8, 2012

With the United States possibly becoming self sufficient in oil and natural gas, a profound change in its strategic thinking is bound to take place.

US Foreign Policy Today: American Renewal? by Steven W. Hook and James M. Scott

March 2012

President Barack Obama entered office in January 2009 with a plateful of domestic and international challenges.

The US–India Nuclear Pact: Policy, Process and Great Power Politics by Harsh V. Pant

March 2012

The Indo-US nuclear deal not only opened the gates of international nuclear trade for India, but it also showed that India was ready to take its rightful place among the comity of nations as an emergi

The New US-North Korea Nuclear Understanding

March 14, 2012

The real test of the latest deal will be when the IAEA inspectors visit North Korea’s nuclear facility and file their report on the moratorium.

Vice-President Xi Jinping’s visit to the United States

March 1, 2012

Xi Jinping tried his best to lower the temperature by suggesting that the vast Pacific Ocean has ‘ample space’ for both China and the United States.

Obama and the Israel-Palestine Peace Process

February 27, 2012

The Israeli-Palestinian peace process is so dependent on the vagaries of the US political and electoral system that any change in administration in November 2012 would certainly make or delay the implementation of the steps necessary to secure lasting peace.

The US Pivots to the East: Implications for India

January 16, 2012

While India’s policy elite have surely not been ‘oblivious’ of the tectonic changes occurring in the region, they have been rather ‘impervious’ to the rapidly emerging equations.

Prospects for India–US Cyber Security Cooperation

September 2011

Cyber security cooperation should be a natural area of cooperation between India and the United States for a number of reasons; both countries are democracies, with similar values and economic systems

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