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North America


The North American Centre is dedicated to study and research mainly the domestic and foreign policies of the United States. The Centre primarily focuses on studying and analysing the India-US Strategic Partnership and US foreign policy towards Asia. It also studies India-US bilateral economic relations. The Centre closely follows the developments in the United States and analyses its major implications for its domestic and foreign policy. Through its regular activities the Centre constantly engages in understanding the emerging trends in US’ domestic and foreign policies in contemporary times and its major implications for the world, with prime focus on India.

The broad focus areas of focus for study are:

  • India-United States Strategic Partnership
  • US Domestic Politics
  • India-United States Economic Ties
  • US foreign policy towards Asia (China, Korea, Japan etc.)
  • US foreign policy towards South Asia
  • Emerging trends in US domestic and foreign policies
  • Emerging opportunities and challenges for US foreign policy


Distinguesed Fellow

US Security Strategy of Asian Rebalance: India’s Role and Concerns

January 2017

China’s aggressive rise and strained relations with its Asia-Pacific neighbours—a region with immense economic and strategic potential—have forced the US to forge a strategy of Asian rebalance. Besides making China suspicious, this strategy has aroused the possibility of a new cold war. In contrast, though India’s relations with China have improved considerably since the 1962 War, the unresolved border issue and the threatening Chinese attitude do not allow India to trust China.

An Assessment of President Obama’s Foreign Policy

September 08, 2016

If the history of the world is the world’s court of justice, history will rate Obama, the 44th President of the United States, among the top ten of the holders of that high office.

Palestine and US Presidential Candidates

April 05, 2016
US-Palestine Relations

None of the candidates from either major party has articulated a clear and unconditionally supportive long-term view in favour of the Palestinian cause.

How Pakistan Gains From the Cancelled NSA-Level Talks

August 28, 2015
How Pakistan Gains From the Cancelled NSA-Level Talks

It was not in Pakistan’s interest that the NSA meeting should take place. It is to their credit that they managed to do that by waving a red flag at the Indians through their first briefing on the planned NSA talks by mentioning their invitation to the Hurriyat leaders for a meeting in Delhi prior to the NSA talks.

US-Cuba Relations: From Breakdown to Breakthrough

August 07, 2015

The Obama administration has acknowledged that their policy on Cuba has been the most outdated one, considering it has been more than two decades since the Cold War got over. The biggest knot in their relationship has been untied, but that doesn’t spare the leaders from confronting some age-old pinpricks.